Welcome to the world’s premier vegetarian recipe blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations.  You have stumbled upon a vegetarian oasis in the vast desert of cyberspace, and we’re glad to have you.  Here at LazyFood/HealthyPeople, we aim to please.  Our goal is simple – provide you with easy veggie recipes that even the most culinary-challenged among us could pull off.  Some recipes will be our originals, others will be adaptations of recipes from friends and fellow bloggers, and still others will be (hopefully) submitted by our loyal fanbase and reviewed here for your enjoyment.  There are three basic criteria for recipes on this blog. First, it’s got to be vegetarian or vegan.  Second, it’s got to be simple and tasty.  Third, it can involve no more than one pot and one pan.

With that all being said, this isn’t just about cooking.  Food is more than food, if you will.  It’s culture, it’s nutrition, it’s political, it’s ethical – it is, for better or worse, a large part of how be define ourselves.  Food has meaning, at least to us.  Recipes can be memories and they can be protests.  The point is, these auxiliary notions won’t be lost here.  If you want to share a recipe – go for it, but tell us why.  Reminds you of momma’s cookin’?  Sticks it to the subsidized corn industry?  We want to hear it.

Lofty goals have been set and the groundwork has been laid, and it’s almost dinner time.  Get our your forks, put away that pretentious recipe with the “delightful rosemary cranberry port wine reduction,” and let’s get to cooking.

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