Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Panini

Roasted Red Pepper Panini

Roasted Red Pepper Panini | Photo by HealthyandLazy

So, I’m on a bit of a roasted red pepper kick as of late.

My sister called a few days ago with a new recipe she wanted to try out, and as soon as I heard the ingredients, I knew I was game.

It’s a quick and easy sandwich that is hot and filling, perfect for these dreary winter months.  It’s stuffed with roasted red peppers – told ya – spinach, goat cheese and pesto.

The key to this sandwich is the bread.  Buy something crusty.  We picked up several loves of ciabatta bread from the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Petersburg, Fl (my hometown!).  The goat cheese melted down into the nooks and crannies, and the bread was both light and crispy.

Fresh Ciabatta Bread

Fresh Ciabatta Bread | Photo by HealthyandLazy

This would be super quick in a George Foreman grill or panini press.  I didn’t have one, and I was making a lunch for the whole family, so I had to step my game up.  I got a brick.  That’s right, a brick.  I wrapped it in foil (though, the brick wasn’t too dirty to begin with) and set it on top of the sandwiches in a big skillet.  It worked perfectly and made for a delicious, melty meal.

This is an approxa-recipe.  It all depends on the size of your bread.  We’re not baking here, anyways, so no need to be exact, right?

Here’s what you need:

  • Bread – Ciabatta works great
  • Goat Cheese – I used a few tablespoons per sandwich (it’s strong, don’t overdo it)
  • Spinach – Roughly a handful per sandwich, maybe 10 leaves if you’re a counter
  • Pesto – Enough to spread thinly over the bread, maybe two tablespoons per sandwich
  • Roasted Red Peppers – An 8 oz jar will get you through about three sandwiches

Here’s what to do:

Brick Pressing Panini

Don't eat the brick | Photo by HealthyandLazy

Step 1) Spread the pesto on the inside of the bread and top with spinach, red peppers, and goat cheese.

Step 2) Cook on a skillet, pan or panini press until toasted on both sides and cheese is melty inside (a few minutes per side should do the trick).

Step 3) Eat.  Told you it was simple.

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