Vegan Black Bean Brownies

Bahhh… I did it again.  I have this thing where I pull out my camera, snap a bunch of shots and then realize days later that the memory card isn’t/wasn’t in the camera.  This time, I managed to take a few before removing the card, so I’m not completely picture-less, but still.  I think this was the third time I’ve done it.  What’s that saying?  Fool me once, shame on you… Not sure if it applies if I’m fooling myself.  Whatever.

So here I am, with a cool post and nothing to show for it.  I saw a post over at Spatoola about black bean brownies, and she has the common sense to use cameras with memory cards, so check over there for finished-product pictures.

Puree of Black Bean

Black Bean Goo | Photo by HealthyandLazy

I had never heard of black bean brownies, and the very idea sounded preposterous.  Spatoola claims you can’t taste the beans (she’s right), and I decided to give it a shot.  I mean, I like black beans and I love brownies – it has to work, right?

So here’s what to do.  Take any brand of brownie mix (I used Hershey’s, because it was on sale), add in the required amount of water and then in a move so against the rules of chocolate it’s almost hard to type, add in a pureed can of black beans.

Essentially, you’re swapping the egg and vegetable oil for black beans (fat and cholesterol for protein and sodium).  Don’t bother draining the beans, just dump the whole can, juice and all, into a food processor for a few seconds to turn it into a weird bean cream.

Adding in the mix

Adding in the mix | Photo by HealthyandLazy

The result?  Delicious.

The brownies were fudgier than regular brownies and, as Spatoola said, you’d never know the beans were there, like ninjas.  I gave them to several people who weren’t around for their creation, and not a single one picked up on my little switch-a-roo.

It’s also a good way to vegan-ize a traditionally non-vegan dessert.  I ate a hefty portion of these suckers after my vegan sweet potato burritos, and somehow convinced myself that the healthy switches (beans for eggs and oil) justified eating an obscene amount of food.  Turns out, eating 5 black bean brownies will give you a similar stomachache to eating 5 regular brownies.  Just a heads up.

And how about this for a dash of openness – I have to regularly look up how to spell “dessert,” so don’t be alarmed if I drop a “desert” once and a while on the blog.  I trust you know what I’m talkin’ about.

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