How to Peel an Egg Super Fast

I hate peeling eggs.  It never comes off in big chunks – always in little tiny bits and with lots of the egg still attached.

And I’ve tried all the tricks.  Adding stuff to the water, using old eggs, peeling under running water, yadda yadda.

Using old eggs does seem to help, a little.  But I was blown away when I came across this video on the tube, of a guy blowing an egg right out of its shell.  I was certain that it had zero chance of working.

But I couldn’t spend the rest of my life wondering, so  I decided to give it a shot.  I rip off both ends of the egg (I probably pulled off more then I needed) and then blow.  It doesn’t work, but when I switch it around, it pops right out.  I think the expression on my face captures my surprise.


EDIT: Watching the video again, I felt compelled to point out that this is the sort of cooking trick you practice when you’re alone.  It’s really difficult to make blowing on an egg look cool.

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