It’s a McMiracle

Like classic Nickelodeon shows, 60’s fashion and Betty White, I’m making a comeback.

Betty White hosts SNL

88 and better than ever

I’ve spent the last two months getting ready for the upcoming semester by not thinking about the upcoming semester, but the time for fun is now over and the time for studying, working and blogging has returned.

In the months that have passed, I have snorkeled in some fine Florida springs, kayaked some beautiful water in the Tampa Bay area, caved (still can’t really feel my knees) and camped in Central Kentucky, relaxed at a cabin in the North Carolina mountains and enjoyed some good old-fashioned family time.  I assure you, it was all much needed.

High Springs

Exploring > Studying

Hopefully you have all been eating despite my absence.

I’ll have some new recipes up soon, but in the meantime, I need to comment on a few things.

First, McDonalds.  I’ve hated on you before for your oatmeal-contaminated bowl of sugar and 38-igredient Chicken McNuggets.  But I’ve got to tip my hat to Ronald and his crew for finally cutting the calories in the happy meal.  For the first time ever, Apple slices will be included in every happy meal so the kids have something else to throw away.  AND, better still, the portion of french fries will be cut in half.

Now, now, I know what you are thinking.  They only did this because of pressure from Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, and this is just another socialist tactic to take money from the wealthy, greedy potato farmers and give it to the underprivileged yet charmingly hard-working apple pickers.  (C’mon Tea Party – you’re missing an opportunity here.)

Anyways, the fry packets are being cut down from 2.4 ounces to a 1.1 ounce bag.  Cool, huh?  Don’t worry that kids still have the option of doubling their fries if they don’t want the apples, because I don’t know a kid on this planet who would turn down a packaged bag of apple slices.

Happy meal with apples

Lots of kids choose apples and milk over fries and soda.

The full nutrition info hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll post it as soon as McDonald’s puts it out there.

There’s a funny flipside, though.   When I was in North Carolina, we stopped in to a McDonald’s to use the restroom and grab a cup of coffee.  They have a deal there (perhaps elsewhere too, but I haven’t been to many in the last few years) where you can take a regular meal deal and bump it to a large for only 90 cents – more fries, more soda, more regret.  But there’s more:  If you take the bait and get the large meal, they throw in an apple pie for FREE.

Maybe that’s not as interesting to you as it was to me, but I found it hilarious.  Cut the french fries for the kids and throw free apple pies at adults already buying the largest possible meal.

What else, what else?

Oh yeah, I still haven’t seen a Pepsi Social Vending Machine, nor has anyone sent me a free Pepsi.  A little bummed on that front.

I went to my first totally raw restaurant (nothing is cooked, no ingredients get above 105 degrees), Leafy Greens in St. Pete.  It was really good, but until someone convinces me otherwise, I think that’s a crazy way to live (it’s cool, though – people say the same thing about vegetarians and vegans).  I had tacos, which tasted like tacos, but had nothing I traditionally associate with tacos (no tortilla, cheese, sour cream or filling).  Worth a try, but I’ll keep my oven, thank you very much.

If you are still reading at this point, I’m impressed.  In terms of coherency, future posts can only get better.

Talk to y’all soon.

5 responses to “It’s a McMiracle

  • Heather (@ShrinkToFitBlog)

    Welcome back!

    I’m a new reader – ironic that I subscribed to your feed today – and it also happens to be the day you make your comeback! :)

    I’m newly vegan and lazy… So I’m quite looking forward to your posts – and have enjoyed reading through some of your older ones. I just made some black bean brownies – and actually found your blog by googling a recipe for an easy way to make them. Your recipe was the winner! A box of brownie mix and a can of black beans? That’s all I need? WIN!

    • Casey

      Perfect timing! And I’m right with you on the lazy thing. Most of my recipes can be spruced up if you’ve got time, but they are good and simple as is. Enjoy and feel free to leave your suggestions! I love learning new things…

  • markusben


    This was a good read! No matter how much McDonald’s does to “healthify” their food, I’ll still have a tough time believing any of it is a) healthy and b) real food. Apples are a good start, though =)

    The recipes in your prior posts look delicious, too. Can’t wait to give them a try.

    Keep up the good work!
    -Ben (

  • liz

    Yay! I’m glad I’m not the only one who disappeared for a while. Although my 7 month absence makes yours look more like a weekend vacation! :)

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