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The Lunch Line Blues

Let’s take a quick break from the recipes…

School lunches in the US are pathetic.  For all the talk about this country as the richest in the world, you would never know it by looking at the garbage that we feed to our schoolchildren.  It’s a complicated issue to solve, I’m sure, and one that is compounded by several factors – lack of diet and nutrition education, funding from junk food companies (Coke and Pepsi, I’m looking at you), food contracts awarded to the lowest bidders, decrease in physical education, and an education system that is underfunded to begin with.

Adding to the problem is the undeniable fact that many kids don’t use their lunch money to purchase a well-balanced meal (if even possible).  At my high school, $2.50 would buy you a full lunch, complete with meat, veggies, fruits, bread, and milk.  OR it could buy a soda, french fries, and pack of cookies.  Guess what the kids choose?

Now, I left public education a while ago, but not much has changed since then.  Kids are still eating french fries by the handful, and those corn-syrup-infused fruit cups are still the closest thing to fresh produce that move in the lunch line.

School lunch collage

School lunch collage. Photo from NPR.com

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